2019 Loren Wetzel
Senior Golf League

Final Standings / Wrap-up (9/4/19)
  • 1st place: Team 1 - 284.5 pts
    Jim Ring, Augie Ianello,
    Dave Jeary, Paul Demko
  • 2nd place: Team 4 - 284 pts
    Dane Sprague, Joe Severino,
    Don Higgins, Doug Snell
  • 3rd place: Team 6 - 278.5 pts
    Gerry Calmes, Duane Anchor,
    Bill MacPherson, Bill Murphy
  • 4th: Team 2 - 276 pts
  • 5th: Team 3 - 270.5 pts
  • 6th: Team 8 - 261.5 pts
  • 7th: Team 5 - 256 pts
  • 8th: Team 7 - 251 pts
    Congratulations to Senior Golf
    League Champions Team 1 and
    to all members on a great season!
    Our excellent luncheon banquet
    hosted by Barbie Gozelski was a
    perfect way to wrap up the league
    for the year.

    Special thanks to Pro Shop
    Manager Dave, Restaurant
    Manager Barbie Gozelski, and
    especially our league officers.

    One Officer retired at the luncheon:
    Dave Jdeary retired as President.
    Thanks Dave for your years of
    service! Replacing Dave is
    Bob McGee.


W E E K L Y     S T A N D I N G S

Team   A - "Captain" B C D
  1 Jim Ring Augie Ianello David Jeary Paul Demko
  2 Charlie Herring Bob Zinni Jim Ver Hague Joe O'Geen
  3 Bob McGee Gary Privitera Archie Cappotelli Ron Pangrazio
  4 Dane Sprague Joe Severino Don Higgins Doug Snell
  5 Pete Weaver Jack Yardman George Beckman Joel Jaquay
  6 Gerry Calmes Duane Anchor Bill MacPherson Bill Murphy
  7 Bob Empey Don McCoy Joe Scanlan Ray Ianita
  8 Tom Seely Jim Woodruff Dennis McCumiskey Marty Lamay
  Senior League Substitutes
  Jim Ellison Bill Jones JY Jones Phil O'Geen
  John Scanlan Earl Lubanski Jamie Thompson Tom Woodruff
  Clark Finch Bob Rehor Bernie Staats Roger Rodgers